Typical Thailand brothels: Quicky Culture

Around 11pm, the security guard at my building, a heavy set guy approaching 50, and I set off to have a few beers at a local mystery establishment. I’ve been curious about this particular place I’ve often passed, but up until last night I hadn’t built the courage to stick my head in–now that I had a seasoned local to accompany me, I was ready to stick my finger in the mousetrap.

From the outside, it looks like it could be a local indoor restaurant, but upon inquiring with the security guard at my apartment–who seems to know the ins and outs of the city–I learned that it’s apparently the ‘prime parlor’ of Samut Songkhram with ‘everything’ available. Okay, so a few beers ought to sate my curiosities, so I told myself.
As you likely figured out, this was no drinking hole, not by priority anyway. When we first entered the dimly lit front customer-less corridor with several rows of tables with plastic lawn chairs, and about 6 or so girls sitting around idle, we chose a table to sit down and ordered a beer as we surveyed our environment.

Moments later, a 30 something lady adorned with tatoos on her shoulders and deep conviction in her eyes asked, ‘Anything else?’

My acquaintance replied with his own question, ‘What’s on offer?’

There was obviously no beating around the bush here. “Everything you see, 300 baht. We have one 500 baht girl, over there in pink striped shirt,” the lady pointed to a small girl in her early 20s sitting down with her lifeless face committed to some knitting project.

My acquaintance turned towards me, and I said beer is fine for now. Over the next few beers, more customers–groups of two to three guys poured in and took seats as the half a dozen girls sat at their two tables uninterested in anything or anyone else .

On the third beer now, I called over the hostess, who though spoke Thai even more fluently than me, was clearly not a Thai native–Some ethnic Myanmar race is what I’d guess. I wanted to know more about this places services. What exactly did 300 or 500 baht entitle.

“30 minutes in a room upstairs. Girl keeps her top on, only removes her pants.”

Somewhat shocked about the bluntness of the service, I inquired on. “What if I don’t want to do that deed, and simply want a massage for an hour?”

“Up to you, same price.”

Seeing the most appealing girl yet in slacks and black shirt enter the room from out of nowhere (perhaps just finishing the deed) sit down a nearby table and begin knitting , I inquired if she was also part of the selection.

“She is no good. I can not guarantee her.” She pointed to a different girl who was thicker and unappealing by even desperate standards. “She is good natured. You will be satisfied with her.”

“Nah, I don’t want to pay anybody for their ‘nature’ nor do I plan on doing the deed, just curious. Perhaps if you sent one of the girls over to talk, I might consider a massage.” The alcohol was taking over.

“It’s against the rules. The girls can not sit down and talk to any customers. You must pay the money and go to the room only.”

The longer I was in this joint and understood the culture and nature of the place and its service, the less I wanted to be there, and felt ashamed for being there. Any remaining desire for debauchery had vanished at that point. “Beer will do just fine.”

After that fourth beer, I told my acquaintance that it was time to go home as I had no desire to do anything with any girl. After paying the tab which was 100 baht a beer, much too high considering we were sitting on plastic lawn chairs, we left and I didn’t turn back.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend or endorse anyone, Thai or foreigner, supporting or paying for any such brothel prostitution in Thailand and elsewhere. Such brothels are a disgusting excuse for a ‘services’ establishment and a disgrace to civilization. Perhaps I wouldn’t complain so much, if in fact it was a drinking hole on the surface, with comfortable seating and an opportunity for the girls and customers to actually talk to each other, and mutually make a decision to do anything else or not.

While I can’t say that ‘free willed’ girls who choose to offer intimate / sexual services in legit establishments, i.e. turkish bath/soapy massage is immoral, such brothels as described here–found all over Thailand, are immoral and should be avoided, for the sake of health and morality.

As prostitution is illegal in Thailand, such places only thrive by paying off local police, apparently, which means every city or district in Thailand which has a brothel (quite a lot) has corruption that endorses such slavery and disgrace. Such a shame…and I am ashamed of myself for even sticking my nose where it shouldn’t have been. Even though I didn’t pay for any services, I am somewhat disgusted for even inquiring. Let this blog be a lesson for any other curious cats.

While 300 baht (under 10 US dollars) may sound like a cheap and convenient deal without beating around the bush, wining, dining, etc… DON’T DO IT. Chances are, you are paying a slave to rent out her used up genitals for half an hour. By fate or karma, she finds herself in this undesirable situation, and one must only think about the ‘wrongness’ of it all. I do believe that anyone who pays for such service is only legitimizing such slavery and is better off sticking his genitals elsewhere.

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11 Responses to “Typical Thailand brothels: Quicky Culture”

  1. Chani Says:

    Agree with everything you’ve said. Even though I believe prostitution should be legal in established and controlled settings (Mustang Ranch sort of thing), this kind of thing you’ve described sounds absolutely wretched!

    Glad you decided to leave.



  2. Line Thamawat Says:

    I’m just curious; you had to go into a brothel to find out that brothels (and prostitution) is a no go?

  3. Jao Moragoat Says:

    I initially went in under the assumption it was an ‘exclusive’ late night massage and drinking hole–from the outside, this wasn’t some shady looking shack with red lights painting obviousness, but more resembled a chilled-out house-restaurant.

    Besides…I needed to itch some curiosity as well as create some interesting situation to write about. One stone for two birds :)

  4. Phuket Thailand Girls Says:

    I just came back from Chiang Mai. What an awesome place to visit.

  5. Research Student Says:

    Just to add another dose of wretchedness to the acts of prostitution in Thailand. A very large number of these girls forced to endure this are between the ages 10 and 16. Those are the more expensive girls, especially if they are first timers and you pay for their virginity. That’s just wrong…

  6. Frans Says:

    don’t think that by making use of a “legitimate” establishment, slavery is not an issue. a lot of girls are forced to work in places like this, legal or not. also, you supported this place by buying those beers!

  7. L8Nyter Says:

    well homey, your arguments sound very hypocritical. First off after you knew what was going on in there, you bought 4 beers at an astronomical price, which does indeed support the operations that go on in there. Second, admit it, you were interested in getting laid by some pretty Thai girl. But after you were given no special treatment or notice, you were turned off, and then shunned the establishment, poor U. Third, you mention that if there was a better way to promote prostitution in thailand, you may be okay with it.
    Well lets make this simple — under no circumstances whatsoever would ANY female ever, ever choose to take up prostitution as their loved career. All around the world in every brothel, each woman takes on this profession from necessity, whether its due to poverty, drugs, forced labor, debt, etc. So if you condemn this establishment, you would in effect be condemning all the rest — they are all about the same exact thing, sex. Not talking with clients, not sharing feely feely feelings and getting better acquainted so you can know the surface of the person you’re gonna f’ck. It sounds to me like you are lying to yourself thru your teeth, and you dont even know it.

    See things for what they are. If you have a hankering to get laid in a foreign country by a “mysterious” foreign girl, ask yourself if this is what you need to be okay in your life. Do not judge anyone or anything else. You dont even need to judge yourself. Your blog is completely useless and baseless and should really be deleted. Mostly, its about you not coming to terms with what you feel is right for YOU!

  8. Jao Moragoat Says:

    l8nyter, clearly your retort is emotional and subjective, leaving little room for respect.

    As far as what brings girls into the profession, it’s not always a matter of necessity and/or coercion as you suggest, but choice and desire in many thanks to the temptations and pressures of a materialistic world.

    All sex-for-sale establishments aren’t the same, period. There is a clear and huge difference between a coerced-labor brothel as mentioned and a voluntary-service, bath-massage soapy, for instance– both in the management down to the girls themselves.

    In the latter, the girls have complete choice to service/not service any of their clients, choose their days/hours/work load, do converse and befriend clients more than not (many prefer repeat customers), and more or less are content with their work as they have control of themselves, able to walk out whenever they please without fearing some pimp or mamasan will do them/their families harm.

    you seem to have made up your mind loyal to your own prejudgments about me and the topic so there is no point in stooping down to your black-white world; the next thing you’ll try to argue is that rape is the same as prostitution–both being in the sex category.

    I could have simply just ignored your post, deleted it and that would have been that, however, this issue deserves to see the egos and arrogance of characters like you who have little to no enriched insight on the matter, yet so anxious to enforce their unsubstantiated, ethnocentric views on the world.

  9. Bangkok Go Go Bars Says:

    I don’t know about your judgement I’ve been to the place before and thinks it’s allright.

  10. ross the boss Says:

    I have been to Thailand and I like the girls. I am going to go there again and I am willing to spend extra money on those young virgins. One day when I have extra money to invest, I would consider investing in shares in a brothel in Thailand.

  11. Iridian Says:

    First off your wrong in thinking that no woman would choose prostitution as there loved career, there are thousands and thousands of women out there addicted to sex, and they choose to make money doing what they love. Second off there culture is different from ours and way of thinking is a reversed track. You can’t judge them by what they do and seeing as you can’t read minds you may not know if those girls in his story were unhappy or just tired. All in all I believe that you should either respect another cultures ways and beliefs or avoid them entirely, don’t try to push your beliefs out there as the correct one.

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