The Rapist-Magician of Thailand: Villagers Scared to Wits

Over the last month, villagers in Kanchanaburi province of Western Thailand, particularly those with women and young girls in their family have been freaking out about rumors going around regarding a pervert, apparently skilled in black magic and the art of mysteriously disapearing after committing naughty deeds on women and young girls in the middle of the night.

While rapist and perverts are real and plentiful in Thailand as elsewhere in the world, black magic and spells–at least that which we are familiar with from the mass media–are a question of belief and folklore. Anyone who has ever been acquainted with Thai people, particularly in the countryside, can certainly attest to the level of superstition that is instilled into the youngest, oldest and everyone in between. It’s quite rare to find a Thai who will admit that he/she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

In this particular case, villagers have been convinced that magical spells were in the arsenal of the perpetrator, who might I mention was unsuccessful in every reported attempt thanks to fighting spirit of his female victims. In any case, he had escaped each time, unaprehended by villagers or police.

By the time the rumor bubble of a wizard rapist had hit its climax circulating in local papers and radio news, to the point where villagers were tying up phone lines to report their slightest suspicions, it was time for the the police to finally clear the reality of such rumors.

There was a pervert breaking into houses at the middle of the night, attempting to rape women and young girls. And he never was successful according to the reports. He was prepared for his escapes, though it wasn’t magic. The pervert had simply rubbed his naked body with oil, as to be able to slip away with ease in the case he was apprehended.

Thus he has earned the nickname in Thai ‘I-leun-I-Lai’ ไือ้ลื่นไอ้ไหล litterly meaning the ‘slippery and dripping one’. Now whether or not the oil was for his escape, or was just part of his demented fantasy–or perhaps both, the important thing is that there isn’t a proven rapist or murderer who can disappear without a trace, so everyone in the village can finally sleep at ease with a lighter under their pillow!

For those who can read Thai, here is the full story at Thai Rath newspaper

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