Thai American Dual Nationality – Citizenship: Received Thai passport in mail

In this log, the Siamerican announced that he had made the application for his Thai passport, and since has been waiting to receive the actual passport via snail mail.

He wasn’t expecting it for at least another few days, but it arrived promptly in tact, and so, the Siamerican can finally feel complete as a dual national Thai American. Now the only thing left is to actually use the two passports in commute between his two countries.

Let us briefly compare the Siamerican’s United States and Thailand passports.

The Thailand passport is clearly thicker with a total of 50 pages, while the US Passport is only 24 pages. Interesting is the US passport has 10 years of validity from issue, while the Thai passport is half that. Now that I think of it, a Thai national generally would require more official visas to travel around the world than an American, thus more pages are logical.

The USA passport presents the photo, personal info, signature, holograms, etc. is on the inside cover (page 0), while Thailand has all such info on page two. And of course, the biggest difference would be in price. The US passport fee was three times as much as the Thai fee, granted the American fee reference is from over three years ago and via a foreign embassy as opposed to direct application.

One final note of comparison is that the Thai passport you see here is an E-passport, meaning it has an electric chip implemented into the cover, so that when it is scanned, a digital photo and all relevant info show up on the immigration officers’ computer.

The American passport, issued in 2004, is the old style, seeming quite lame in comparison to a newer E-passport. According to the Department of State (USA’s ministry of foreign affairs equivalent) as of 2006, American E passport’s are being issued. As his current American passport is many years from expiring, looks like the Siamerican won’t have his US e-passport until 2014.

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  7. The Universal Envoy Says:

    Well that should come in handy and alleviate potential hang-ups.

  8. J. Says:

    I also have the dual nationality. One if my passport is a French one and the other an American one.
    If you want me to compare and give you infos, just contact me. Even though the Thai passport seems similar to the French one

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