Sunday Afternoon drive on the motorbike

Woke up today about 09.30 and played around on the internet all morning in between doing a load of laundry, a cup of ovaltine and green tea. Early afternoon set out for an afternoon of exploring on the bike.

Stopped at one of my favorite little local roadside restaurants that offers some of the best fried sun-dried beef strips I’ve tasted. Stocked up to go and set heading east on Ekachai road towards Samut Sakhon. Roughly 3 and half kilometers outside of town, stopped at the Siamese Twin monuments.

The Siamese Twins monument in Samut Songkhram provinceHere is a statue of the famous In and Jun, the twins which the term ‘Siamese Twins’ takes its name from. Nothing spectacular at this deserted excuse for a tourist attraction other than pointing out that In and Jun were originally from Samut Songkhram.

Continued on the road and turned sharply right heading south a few kilometers amidst salt farms to join up with Rama II expressway at a busy highway-side market, Bang Kaew. Not sure what is on offer there–looks like a huge flea market definitely worth checking out someday soon.

My journey brought me several kilometers east down congested, half-dirt, half concrete-blacktop expressway before finally finding a feasible u-turn spot just past a Semi-truck weigh station. I missed the turn by a long shot at first notice but ended up driving against traffic backtracking a kilometer or so– to have enough way to build up the speed needed to safely cross over to the right lane and make the u-turn.


Rama II expressway just outside Samut Songkhram, under construction-half dirtHeading west bound towards Samut Songkhram, I made a sharp left on a small road heading south. My goal was to get to seaview point, if possible for I knew the gulf of Thailand’s coast was only a few kilometers away. Looking at blurred google earth maps, it appears there are a few roads that head towards the coast, and not to mention, small populated areas or villages. Sure enough, about 3 kilometers later I find myself at a small seaside village known as Baan Rong Goong complete with a Buddhist Temple, Chinese shrine-temple and a long concrete peir marked for fishing ships.the gulf of Thailand coast with mangrove forests at samut songkhram Drove out to the end of the empty peir, parked the bike and indulged in my fried beef to the background sound of the incoming tide, a motor boat in the distance, and various migrating sea bird species calling to each other as they fished around near the shores and magrove forests.

After that uneventful yet peaceful moment, charged up on two bottles of Vitamilk soi milk before continuing back the way I came, ultimately ending back on Rama II expressway around Bang Kaew market, only this time on the opposite side of the highway, where I initially planned to be. Shortly after, came across a paved southward going road with signs pointing towards Don Hoi Lort 9 kilometers down. On the several visits in the past to Don Hoi Lort, one of Samut Songkhram’s prime tourist destinations, I had only ever taken the road parallel to the Mae Klong river, so this time I would be coming in the back way (or front way depending how you look at it).

A road near the coast-golf of Thailand in Samut Songkhram provinceHalf way down this road cutting through coastal shrimp and salt farms, I parked my bike next to wooded area with macaque specie monkey�s in their natural habitat.

These monkeys were probably less exploited than their cousins in more populated areas like Lopburi, Phetchburi, and Chonburi, but certainly no stranger to humans–initally shy and ever suspicious of my intents approaching them for a close up picture with my mobile phone as they nibbled on tree trunks and candy wrappers left behind by other human visitors.

A Thai man feeds a macaque monkey chocolate

From that point, Don Hoi Lort was several kilometers down. For my first time entering in from this its Eastern side, I was surprised of the extent of coast side restaurants. On my previous visits coming in from the West/North route, I had only ever eaten at one of the first three restaurants but had I known how vast the selection was, perhaps I would have ventured to another restaurant further east. Anyhow, this time, no need to stop anywhere, especially as the Thai tourist crowds were packing the street near the mouth of the Mae Klong river heading to/coming from eating seafood or buying souvineers.

Continued on northbound parallel to the mighty Mae Klong back towards Samut Songkhram city 10 kilometers away, came in and that was the afternoon drive for today. 50 kilometers were put on the bike. Next time I hope to explore more of the coastal areas, only on the west side of the Mae Klong river, stretching south west towards Phetchburi.

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