I won the lottery…in my dreams: Thai Government Lottery

Well…at least I am rich in a parallel world. Life moves on.

Several nights ago, I had a dream that I somehow inherited a large sum of money and was trying to decide how much to give to the temple schools that I teach at in Samut Songkhram. Upon waking up, I was contemplating a possible meaning for the dream and concluded that in the dream, I must have won the lottery and it could have been my sign.

The other night, while dining at an Isarn restaurant here in Phuket with the inlaws-family, a lottery agent lady came by with her open suitcase full of lottery tickets for sale. Usually, I’m annoyed and immediately refuse without looking, but this time my dream came to mind and thought I’d take a chance just in case.

I ended up buying two random tickets–my first ever lottery tickets–for 100 baht each or about three US dollars (retail price is 80 baht + 20 baht commission for agent) and put them away in my wallet hoping I had would have some kind of beginners luck or some hidden merit come the 1st of October result announcements.

Deep inside, I knew I was setting myself up for disapointment but a little hoping and wishing every now and than can tend to secretly manifest within. And the results are in… my dream’s purpose was to simply create this blog about the Thai lottery!

Even if I had won 1st prize, meaning one of my tickets pre-set six numbers were exactly the six numbers drawn in the exact same order, the reward, quite small compared to western jack pots, would have been a mere 4 million baht (roughly 121,212 USD$), minus taxes, which would have lifted my higher learning tuition burdens, but barely anything left for much else.

Though I knew better, and believe even stronger that luck or merit alone won’t get myself far along the path of life, it was sorta fun in the anticipation, though I’ll be sure not to get hooked on to buying tickets like most other Thais.

So I was surfing the web trying to learn more about the Thai government lottery and found this site which makes me laugh and yearn to express ridicule seeing and being reminded of how overly superstitious (or perhaps gullible, ignorant, and desperate are better words) some Thais are regarding the lottery.

Traveling hundreds and thousands of miles to some supposed ‘holy’ shrine that’s supposed to help you win the lottery if you pray hard enough is one thing, but praying to a virtual shrine, (pictures of the shrines) is just plain silly if you ask me. Kind of reminds me of those commercials advertising 1-900 super psychics that will tell you the winning lottery numbers for $4.99 a minute.

Why even advertise or market and sell such a service at all?…use your frickin powers to win the lottery yourself, why don’t you. I wonder if the webmaster to the above site has actually won the lottery himself praying to his shrines…me doubts it.

Though I’m sure certain people would charge to their death-bed that I’m the one who is ignorant and without the faith and belief in such hocus pocus, I never really have a chance of winning the lottery, well so be it…

Apparently, the Thai Government Lottery has always and continues to serve the nation for the better… Nevermind, all the poor folk who are hooked on throwing away all their reserves and extra cash on it blindly, lets see if the numbers work out. According to this Ministry of Finance source,

The Government Lottery office gives about 8 million baht per year to various charities, nearly 9 million baht in undergraduate scholarships, 20 million baht to civil service/military, and 4 million baht to the government treasury on annum. Altogether, that is about 41 million baht paid back. Plus about 46 million baht in prizes each month or 552 million baht per year in prize money, so lets say that accounts to about 600 million baht.

According to the same source above, the government issues about 28 million tickets per month or 336 million tickets per year. Each ticket goes for 40 baht, that’s over 13.440 billion baht in revenue! Even if only half the tickets are sold, we’re still talking about more than 6.7 billion baht!

Either I’m missing something or there seems to be billions of baht of lottery revenue unaccounted for… Talk about legal corruption and extortion!

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  1. sharing dream Says:

    Winning a lottery would be a dream and extreme luck; I have not seen anyone who could predict the winning number consistently yet..

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