Hoang Thuy Linh: Vietnam Media Sex Saga-teenage star mobile sex clip

Surfing the internet, I came across the latest Vietnamese media-government saga about a 19 year old star, Hoang Thuy Linh who had a mobile phone clip of her and her boyfriend ‘getting it on’ which leaked out ultimately causing her popular running show, Vang Anh’s Diaries to cancel. Not that I care or know anything about Vietnamese pop-society, politics or media, but I do enjoy a good clip now and then–though be forwarned: links to an amateur albeit, sexually explicit encounter captured via a cell phone follow.

As been the trend in the last few years, lots of Thai clips floating around mobile phones–everything from cat fights (vocational and secondary girl fights) to strip teases, to full-out underage and taboo hardcare (haven’t personally seen any pedophile action and hope I don’t)– so I imagine Vietnam must be similar to Thailand with such a sexually confident and expressive youth utilizing the convenience of technology to circulate their works.

Ah…and the question of morality… I say if two adults consent to human’s most prime function and wish to record it for whatever reasons, fully knowing the implications, than let them. That said, the problem is with most amateur clips is that most of the time they end up haunting someone, if not soon after, eventually. So, people who are going to click record in their intimate hours ought to think of all the repercussions first! Happy filming !

…oh right, I almost forgot–links to the story, and of course a link to a semi-clear 5 minute version with sound are here.

Do a google and I’m sure you can find the full 16 minute version somewhere, though be weary of all the virus traps for porn clickers! 555

Popularity: 100% [?]

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9 Responses to “Hoang Thuy Linh: Vietnam Media Sex Saga-teenage star mobile sex clip”

  1. Kj Malc Says:

    Okay! here’s the full video clip:

    and it’s really great when i transfer it to my phone:

    This scandalous happened to Hoang is a never to forget event…

    Goodluck if she can erase to the people mind….

  2. Jao Moragoat Says:

    Just came across another full 16 minute version w/o sound here…

    Now seeing such a version, her boyfriend seems like an overly aggressive jerk who lacks skills in pleasing his female properly.

  3. Jretc Says:

    I just visited the link above on e-channel, and find out more there….

    If you love this Vietnamese girl, here’s i found

    I think this girl seems to hot for me…

    It says that they had sex video captured by cellphone but it wasn’t there…hope someone could take it…for our fun….

    and have it in our phone…

  4. Jao Moragoat Says:

    Let me stress again that Amateur Clips are no good for amateurs–in the sense of having only potential to only ever be an amateur. At least in Asia, you’ll either boom or be doomed, and as seems the case for Ms. Hoang Thuy Linh, her country suggest that they will disown her as far as having a public career. I’m interested to see what will happen with her. Will she go overseas making a new life and career, or continue on in Vietnam and gradually make her way back into the scene?

  5. blue Says:

    hello….thanks for all of urs sharing. but, i couldn’t get the full version download. Any help? Thanks

  6. yammy Says:

    just OK

  7. Jao Moragoat Says:

    So, it appears that all the links to the clip are no longer valid, and that the influence of the Vietnamese government and/or community, or perhaps just the girl and her own connections was affluent enough to take all such blogs featuring the clip down….

  8. Jao Moragoat Says:

    Well, apparently, you can get the video clip following this link:


    Though I can’t confirm as I don’t wish to see it again. Besides, I’m afraid of virus traps of following porn links… Perverts, be so at your own discretion!

  9. Jao Moragoat Says:


    The students responsible for initiating circulation of the infamous clips were prosecuted in Hanoi justice system, sentenced to jail and probation:

    Read more at these links




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