Crocodile Blood Capsules: Health Supplement Boost

Croc Blood Serum as a Savior?

It’s a common observation that reptiles heal quicker than mammals, far less prone to disease and infection of exposed wounds. Considering crocodiles, particularly, are constantly exposed to millions of microbes and pathogens that would pose threat to exposed humans, one must wonder what can be learned or gained from crocs, yet another beast that would be unaffected if injected with HIV virus, for example.

In recent med-business ventures, various researchers and entrepreneurial pharmaceutical chains across the globe have come out claiming and promoting that crocodile blood serum can be used for health boosts with little to no adverse affects in everything from HIV-AIDS, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Flu to augmenting skin complexion, sexual libido, and physical Fitness–such as was rumored utilized by Chinese Olympic athletes.

As with most new supplements on the market, there’s no way to be absolutely sure the extent and validity of all claims until more trials and research are conducted. While much credible research suggests powerful antibiotics can be created from crocodile blood, it is still unclear the exact benefit for humans ingesting croc blood directly.

As far as athletes are concerned, there is convincing studies (scroll down for more references) exploring how crocodile hemoglobin (that which carries oxygen in the blood) can bond with human hemoglobin.

Time will tell whether the ingestion of croc blood capsules is verified a credible consensus to boost immunity significantly as claimed by its advocates if all scientists haven’t yet openly endorsed freeze dried crocodile blood serum capsule ingestion to treat the likes of currently incurable maladies such as Aids and Cancer, there is no question of the high nutritional content as outlined by the following stats of Wanithai croc blood capsules, manufactured at Thailand’s premiere Bio-Science institute, Kasetsart University

One capsule of Wanithai’s Siamese Crocodile Blood Serum (freeze-dried), for example, contains:

Protein: 83.1 %


  • Iron: 164 mg/100g
  • Calcium: 90 mg/100g
  • Magnesium: 22.5mg/100g
  • Phosphorus: 547mg/100g
  • Sodium: 1458mg/100g


  • A 10.61 mcg/100g
  • B1 . .17mg/100g
  • B2: .23mg/100g
  • B6: . .22mg/100g
  • B12: .2mcg/100g

Popularity: 5% [?]

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    Research was conducted by Australian Scientists to explore the Antibody properties of crocodile blood to fight virus infections such as HIV

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    I don’t believe it. I think it is for the big money. But it was nice to read it.

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    This article more thoroughly explains how ingested crocodile hemoglobin can assist athlete’s endurance levels

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    damm, this is very interesting.
    I would not mind be tested to see
    its outcome of this product.

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