Online Courtship Guide and Principles: Internet Dating-Mating Introduction the good old days sitting in your lonely room with soothing Sam Cooke ballads, wishing you were out on a date with that special someone to share all that love you had stored inside, if not help you spend that hard earned dough?

Well, what was so good about them boring and destitute Saturday nights anyway? Never mind the malfunctioning state of the economy, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be out on the town with the love of your life—if not at least for one night, wedding bells are certainly chiming beyond the horizon if that’s what you’re after.

Whether an unforgettable lay or an unbreakable stay, weekends are meant to look forward to! As a cyber dependent society would have, the world’s netizen population continues to swell momentously, meaning the chances of you landing a compatible date—without ever have even brushed your teeth—has increased in both speed and convenience. In this article, we’ll outline the fundamental principles for the online mating-dating game, which if adhered to, will ensure increased success rate in finding the right desired date-mate.

Churn your Channels

Level One: Networking. If you haven’t already, you need to get hip to a handful of the popular social network sites. To clarify, there are ‘paid dating agencies’ and ‘free, ad-driven’ sites to be concerned with. While the former appeals to the financially secure individuals looking for that extra security of an agent to monitor, screen, and facilitate introductions, the latter is ideal for the scant masses that prefer to freely manage their own dialogues. In this series of articles, we’ll focus on using the free sites. See links below for some of the popular ones.

So which one should you use? The more the merrier. Statistics show that different countries tend to have varying preferences for preferred networks. If you are planning on meeting someone locally, find out which networks are a hit in your hood, otherwise you might be interested in hooking a long distance fish. Either way, most sites allow you to filter your searches precisely. Doing a quick search ought to give you a good idea to the lay prey potential around your way.

The more profiles you create on multiple sites, the more circles and potentials you’ll be exposed to. Keep in mind that some members aren’t always looking to meet someone new, which usually will be disclosed, though not always. For example, someone may be a member of a certain site strictly to keep in touch with family members and friends and might despise if not simply ignore uninvited passes and solicitations, so it’s always a good idea to scope the general atmosphere of a network and its users beforehand. See this reference for an overview of social networks ranked on various criteria.

To this point, the advice has been common sense. Now it starts to get a little tricky. When creating your profile and browsing potentials, there are some important questions one should carefully consider. For instance, should one keep access to their profile public or private? What kind of profile picture is ideal? How much information should be given in a profile? What’s the best approach for initiating and maintaining dialogue with potentials? Are all the bells and whistles (i.e. widgets, applications, plugins, etc.) necessary? Continue to the next article for answers to these

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